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Lymphatic Drainage

A very gentle, nurturing technique that supports the functioning of the lymphatic system.  The body is 70% liquid, and 70% of that is lymph, which carries nutrients to cells and toxins to the kidney and liver to be cleansed.  This maintains a healthy immune system.  Useful for detoxifying the body, as part of a cleansing program. Keeps the lymph system moving when lymph nodes have been removed, in the case of breast cancer survivors. 

Also used after any surgery which results in swelling (edema). 

*Reduces swelling during post-surgical healing

*Detoxifies the body

*Reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

*Helps insomnia, depression, loss of vitality and loss of memory

*Relieves chronic pain by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system

*Relieves inflammation and congestion

Prenatal Massage

Benefits include:

*Relief from backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, hip joints and sore ankles and feet

*Increased blood circulation, oxygen and nutrients

*Helps prevent stretch marks

*Promotion of relaxation and deep breathing

*Reduction of swelling in ankles and wrists

Swedish Massage

*Light to medium-deep touch with deeper work on problem areas

*Combination of short and long strokes as well as energy work and stretching

*Releases hormones that promote relaxation, such as serotonin and dopamine

*Increases circulation and moves toxins out of the body

*Reduces anxiety, promotes deep sleep

*Works out tension and tight muscles

*Great for relieving headaches

*Beneficial for seniors


Massage with Cancer Patients

This is a gentle, non-demanding Swedish massage, done avoiding cancer sites. Helps to deal with the side effects of treatment of cancer such as:

*Improving: ~ lowered immune functioning, nausea, edema, fatigue

*The goal is comfort and experiencing pleasure

*Therapist works in conjunction with the patient’s medical team

*Lymphatic drainage especially useful with symptom of edema (swelling)

*Massage provides stress relief for caregivers


Chair Massage

Is done on a special chair which is very comfortable and makes it easy for the therapist
to work on your:

  *  back
  *  neck
  *  arms
  *  & hands

A chair massage is usually anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in length.
It is amazing how much relaxation and recharging one can get from this.

Many people do chair massage on a regular basis, especially if they just want to run out and get some quick relief.

This is often done in bookstores, restaurants, health food stores, and businesses including corporate locations.

Some businesses have chair massage regularly on site at their location. This works well, especially for jobs where computers are used.

Chair massage can prevent repetitive injuries and can give a feeling of being refreshed.
Some employers do it for recognition on special occasions,
for example in a hospital for National Nurse’s Week,
or in the office for Secretary's Week.
This can also be used for parties or special promotions.

Call me for arrangements.

I do specialize in massage for Women.
Male clients by referral only.

Energy Source Massage with Malorie (214) 734- 2127

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